Program Design

Learning Ventures works with partners on developing their educational interventions. This involves work on program design, aligned content, coordinated training and evaluation, as well as marketing and fundraising for their initiative. The organization aims to align the needs of various stakeholders to ensure the educational initiative reaches the intended goals and impact.

Curriculum Development

Working with an array of expert consultants, the organization develops or adapts learning materials to best reach the educational objectives. Starting from program goals, through to learning objectives, the organization works to ensure that the resulting materials fit the needs of the learners involved. 

Strategy and Replication

Organizations aim to reach the most people with their interventions. That said, it is challenging understanding the pathways as well the challenges to do so. Learning Ventures provide technical support to organizations seeking to understand how best to increase their reach and impact.

Research and Evaluation

Learning Ventures works with organizations building evidence about their intervention or seeking to better understand how their programs work. Services range for evaluation design through to research report development. The organization is particularly interested in formative and process assessment with the goal of program improvement and learning

Topics and Issues

  • Financial Education

  • Social/Financial Entrepreneurship

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Competency Based Education

  • Core and Transferable Skills​

  • Early Childhood Development

  • Gender and Economic Empowerment

  • Agriculture and Youth